Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My poor blog

So I have been neglecting my blog for some time know. But with 3 little girls and a husband when do I have the time. So decided it was time to do a little work on it so here I am at 4:44 in the morning typing this! So where to start?? My last post was on Nov. 19! So I will just start with...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sneek Peek

Anne-Camille has a few pictures of Audreys new born photo shoot on her web site. But this one I just had to share!!! Thank You AC

Friday, November 7, 2008

Audrey is here!!!

Things have been crazy around here lately as you can imagine. So sorry I didn't post sooner.

So Audrey Taylor has finally arrived, she is so cute I cant stop looking at her. She was born October 28 at 12:31 pm. She was 7lb 12oz and 20 inches. And perfect in ever way. I just cant believe I have 3 sweet little girls! Speaking of little girls. Anabel and Landra just love there baby Audrey. They just want to be around her at all times. And if I leave the room and she starts to cry they are running for me to let me know it is just to cute. Of course daddy loves his little girl! I just love watching him hold her it makes me smile every time. So here are a few pictures of my sweet little angel.

Audrey Taylor

Me and my 3 little girls

Proud Daddy

First bath at home

First Halloween

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maternity photo shoot with Capturing Moments Photography

Here are a couple of pictures of our photo shoot with Anne-Camille. I just love these pictures she is so good at what she does! I hope everyone enjoys as much as I did. Photos were taken at Gastons on Oct 7 2008. Here is a link to her web site if anyone is interested

New Pages

As some of you know we had a All Day Crop at Scrapbook Addiction here in town on Saturday. So I thought I would share the 4 pages I got done. I know for a all day crop i should have gotton more done, but 4 pages is good for me. After all the pondering I do 4 pages is great. So I hope everyone enjoys!! I took these pictures out side because I just love the leaves around my pages.

Also the girls did a small shower for baby Audrey so here is a picture of me with the CAKE yum yum good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Daddy can you help me

The perfect pumpkin

Washing Pumpkins at the patch

What a face!!

Landra with our pumpkins at the house

Anabel and Landra in the backyard with their pumpkins so cute!

Anabel looking way to cute!

Man it has been awhile since I have posted anything. So I thought I would post some of our pumpkin patch pictures. We did have fun at the pumpkin patch except for all the NAT'S. The Nat's were so thick we decided to skip the hay ride. But Anabel had fun picking out pumpkins, Landra not so much she didn't like the Nat's either!!! Just like her mommy!!! Well I hope everyone makes a trip to the pumpkin patch weather you like Nat's or not it is really fun watching the kiddo's having fun.

P.S. Landra was not in the mood to take pictures so I have a lot of Anabel!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So not happy with Twin Lakes Soccer Ass.

So this year we asked the girls if they would like to play soccer. They both said yes with very happy smiles. So on the first day of sign-ups we went up there and signed them both up. They were so excited about trying on uniforms and getting to buy cleats.

Well last night at about 9:45 we got a e-mail saying sorry we cant find a coach for your girls team! And if one of the parents does not coach we will dismantle the team and you will get your money back. What was my first thought here we are with two little girls excited about soccer and most likely there team is going to get dismantled. So right away we send an e-mail questioning there decision. Well in the long run they pretty much say sorry there is nothing we can do. We explain that I'm 7 months pregnant and there is no way i can coach. Matt is way to busy at work to coach right know so what is going to happen???

Well come to find out that i just so happen to know a family who's dad said he would coach a team but he would like his daughter on it. the only problem was there daughter was not signed up so could they sign her up the answer was yes. So we got all excited thinking we could get the girls on there team. So i e-mail the coordinator again telling her what we would like to do. And she says we have already ordered there uniforms for the team they were put on so they cant get on the new team. Ok what the heck we can dismantle your team but we cant put them on the new team because they have already bought uniforms does this make any since to any one else????????? No i didn't think so. So here we are back at square one no coach to coach our team, sorry girls better luck next year. So what is a mother to do. I have to tell my two little girl they cant play soccer this year what a heartbreaking thing this is going to be. If anyone has any advice i sure would like to hear it. I have ran out of options.